Skin Care Topical Liquid

Cold Processed Liquid Kelp

"Your Organic Skincare Solution"

Sea Spray Organic Skincare Topical enriches the skin with nutrients from the sea. It helps insure moisture balance, remineralizes skin and minimizes wrinkling. Sea Spray Kelp is results oriented, and time-tested. Sea Spray is cold processed for maximum potency and formulated to meet and exceed the standards set by the most discerning spas around the world.


Sea Spray's own Spa Quality Skincare Recipes:
Feel free to complement them with your own secret ingredients...

  First...prepare skin by washing thoroughly. Shake well before dispensing. Then experiment- Have fun! Pacific Sea Mist- 1 teaspoon Sea Spray added to 8 ounces distilled water in your mister bottle-mist your entire body! Catalina Sea Bath- 2 Tablespoons Sea Spray added to your bath water. Malibu Beach Sea Mask- 2 Tbsp plain yogurt added to 3 Tbsp Sea Spray. Apply immediately. Leave 20-30 minutes as a facial mask. Refrigerate unused portion. Monterey Bay Kelp/Clay mask- I Tbsp clay powder added to 3 Tbsp Sea Spray. Apply immediately. Leave 20-30 minutes as facial mask. Refrigerate unused portion. Laguna Beach Hair Care Solution- Add 1 Tbsp of Sea spray to your hair conditioner. Hollywood Kelp Wrap- It's a wrap! - with your favourite Sea Spray recipe and wrap materials available at many health care stores. Suggested usage: Baths and mists-as often as you wish Masks and wraps- once every 7-10 days Use masks and wraps before bedtime- skin after-glow is normal and will disappear in a matter of hours. A little goes along way- if recipe is too thick, dilute by adding water. Contents: Macrocystis Integrifolia Kelp - That's it! The kelp, the whole kelp, and nothing but the kelp!No chemicals or toxic agents of any kind!* *A minimal amount of food preservative is added to extend shelf life indefinitely, as required by law.  



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